Marine Salvage

The Argo Barge in Renmark being Salvaged by Baldwin Boats

Over the Last 20 years Baldwin Boats Has branched out from Aluminium Houseboat Construction, to Marine Salvage.

It is becoming an unfortunate trend where we are seeing a lot of older boats being left to sink in the water, usually due to lack of maintenance, and that is where Baldwin Boats comes along!

We have been lucky enough to work with a range of companies that have assisted us with various projects. Meaning we have built up a great base of contacts to work with, all over Victoria & SA.

Check Out our Salvage vessels, equipment and more!

We have a custom built commercial salvage barge built specially for salvage and more, another commercial work tender, 10m salvage bags and numerous other lifting equipment.

Please Contact Chris on 03 5022 7596 for any inquiries on the use of our services or hire of equipment.