Stacer Bowriders

The Bowrider Range offers more than just a comfortable ride, these models are the true all- rounder, capable of being used for fishing, skiing, tube riding or simply cruising the waterways. Several Bowrider models feature new EVO Advance hull allowing for maximum storage space and a sharper bow design designed to provide a smoother ride.

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Stacer 619 Wild Rider

POA AUD 6.20 Metres 2019

Stacer 589 Wile Rider

POA AUD 5.96 Metres 2019

Stacer 539 Wild Rider

POA AUD 5.42 Metres 2019

Stacer 499 Wild Rider

POA AUD 5.08 Metres 2019

Stacer 519 Wild Rider

POA AUD 5.30 Metres 2018

Stacer 619 Easy Rider

POA AUD 6.11 Metres 2016

Stacer 579 Easy Rider

POA AUD 5.72 Metres 2016

Stacer 539 Easyrider

POA AUD 5.42 Metres 2016

Stacer 509 Easyrider

POA AUD 5.14 Metres 2016