Stacer SF Series

Stacer's new range of Assault and Assault Pro models are here revolutionise tournament style fishing! These newly-designed models feature a substantially sharper entry and the SF Sports Hull for a smooth ride, combined with a wide beam to give you stability underfoot - you'll be reeling in the next big one in no time!

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Stacer 519 Assault Pro

POA 5.24 Metres 2016

Stacer 489 Assault Pro

POA 4.94 Metres 2016

Stacer 459 Assault Pro

POA 4.64 Metres 2016

Stacer 449 Assault

POA 4.54 Metres 2016

Stacer 429 Assault Pro

POA 4.35 Metres 2016

Stacer 429 Assault

POA 4.35 Metres 2016

Stacer 409 Assault Pro

POA 4.05 Metres 2016